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  • The Benefits of Collaborative Dentistry
    The Benefits of Collaborative Dentistry

    New York City oral surgeon Dr. Andrei Mark discusses the importance of taking a collaborative approach to dental implant surgery. Dr. Mark recommends that dentists reach out to highly-experienced dental implant surgeons during complex cases in order to ensure they achieve the best possible result. Reaching out to mentors and joining dental study clubs are two additional ways to continually learn about dental implant surgery techniques and new products. Click here to read Dr. Mark’s full list of suggestions.

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  • Dental Restoration With Andrei Mark, D.D.S.
    Dental restoration Achieved with a Combination Approach-

    A 67-year-old female presented to the office for a consultation regarding her loose maxillary denture on a severely atrophic alveolus. She had been wearing a denture for many, many years. The denture was retained by telescopic sleeves over several teeth in very poor condition. Tooth number 12, 14 and 15 were still in her mouth. As protocol, I always take a CT scan with an i-CAT imaging system.

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  • Andrei Mark Discusses Tooth Extraction in Doctor Of Dentistry
    Atraumatic Extraction Technique -  

    One day a 50 year-old patient and dentist friend of mine, (who already has multiple dental implants) came to my office and presented me with a non-restorable fractured tooth number 8. The primary challenge was to remove tooth number 8, while maintaining the soft tissue and bone intact.  As I have mentioned in previous articles, I will strategically plan out the entire case before beginning any procedures.  The plan was to extract tooth #8 and place an immediate dental implant.

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  • Dr. Andrei Mark On Obstructive Sleep Apnea
    The Role of the Dentist in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea -

    Over the last 10 years, I have become more and more involved in the treatment of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Most of my experience was surgical with the use of a CO2 laser in performing laser assisted uvulopalatoplasty (LAUPP). The more I learned about obstructive sleep apnea, the more I realized that there is a significant role for the dentist in the treatment of this complex disease.

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  • Same Day Dental Implants With Dr. Mark
    Dental Implants and Fixed Restorations in Three Hours … Not Three Years

    Recently, an 81-year-old gentleman in good medical health presented to my office with failing mandibular dentition. He had several deteriorating mandibular incisors, as well as several crowns in pretty bad shape. He was wearing a bilateral posterior partial-denture for a long time and therefore had developed saddle defects bilaterally. After taking a CT scan it was apparent that he had a full maxillary arch rehabilitation, with dental implants placed by a different surgeon somewhere else.

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  • Dr. Mark Discusses Fixed Dental Bridges
    Fixed Bridge for Excessive Maxillary Bone Loss -

    Recently, a 56 year old male complaining of a loose fitting upper denture and a failing mandibular bridge came into my office for a consultation. The clinical exam revealed a very poor fitting maxillary denture with approximately 10 mm of vertical bone loss. The lower bridge was loose and the patient was at a point where he really wanted to have something done to improve his situation. A cone beam CT scan was taken and revealed, as predicted, a limited amount of vertical bone in the maxilla.

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  • Andrei Mark On Bone Density For Dental Implants
    When Is Too Little Bone for Dental Implants, Too Little Bone? -

    I recently had the opportunity to a consult with a young lady 83 years of age, who presented with many years of denture wear. On the day of the presentation, she had a denture that was about 2 inches thick and she had absolutely no retention on the lower jaw. Clinical examination revealed a large lingual tubercle where the tongue attaches to the mandible with approximately 8 to 9 mm of mandibular bone. Her chief complaint was that the dentures were loose and this made her literally unable to chew.

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  • Dr. Mark Discusses Sinus Lift In Doctor Of Dentistry
    State-of-the-Art Sinus Lift and Closure of Oral Nasal Fistula-

    Back in 1993, a healthy male patient received a sinus lift and had four dental implants placed by another oral surgeon. The sinus augmentation failed and subsequently the implants failed too, leaving him with an oral nasal fistula. Now 14 years later, at the age of 60, that patient appeared in my office seeking a consultation with a full maxillary denture that was ill-fitting at best. While conducting my consultation, a routine CT scan was performed. The reason the patient’s dental implants failed was due to a lack of bone formation, after a hydroxyapatite sinus lift.

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  • Dental Implant Specialist Dr. Andrei Mark
    Dr. Andrei Mark Dental Implant Specialist Manhattan -

    With over 20 years of experience in oral surgery and over 5,000 successful dental implant procedures to his credit, Dr. Andrei Mark is no newcomer to the field. At a time when more and more general dentists are venturing into implant dentistry, Dr. Mark is regarded by many of his peers as an expert in the field. In fact, an impressive number of Dr. Mark's peers trust their own oral surgery needs to his very capable hands.

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  • Dr. Mark Discusses Dental Surgery
    Overcoming Dental Phobia with Compassion and Results -

    Case Study: Recently, an 80-year-old man scheduled himself for a dental implant consultation, which was no small task. This was particularly difficult for this patient, because he had become increasingly dental phobic and apprehensive over the years. Ironically, he is the father of someone who works in the dental implant industry, yet he was still very reluctant to make an appointment for a consultation. This patient has had a lifetime of dental challenges and difficulties.

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  • Dr. Mark Discusses Dental Bridges
    Broken Bridge to Implant-Supported Bridge . . . with No Dentures in Between

    Case Study: By using the multi-step, interdisciplinary approach a patient can successfully transition from a broken bridge to an implant-supported bridge, without interim dentures. A noteworthy example is the case of Ms. W., a patient in sound health in her mid-50s. Given today’s dental treatment options, the obvious solution to her problem was dental implants. Dental implants provide the patient with a permanent, stabile solution that will satisfy both her functional and emotional needs, without compromising speech, taste, aesthetics or mastication.

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  • Andrei Mark On Sinus Augmentation And Bone Grafting
    Growing Bone on an Eggshell Sinus, without Harvesting Autologous Bone.

    By Andrei Mark, D.D.S., Board-Certified Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon - Case Study: Several months ago, a patient came to my office for a dental implant consultation. The patient was an 80-year-old male in good physical condition with mild tremors. I have been performing sinus augmentations for over a decade, and I always sought to use the best materials at my disposal to achieve optimal results. These results are critical in a sinus augmentation since it significantly increases the success rate of the procedures and minimizes the failure rate of the dental implant.

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  • Andrei Mark, D.D.S. Discusses Dental Implants
    Is 80 Too Old for Dental Implants?

    By Andrei Mark, D.D.S.,Board-Certified Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon - Case Study: The answer is no, absolutely not! The age of the patient is not nearly as important as the overall health of the patient, as well as the jawbone density of the individual. These two elements are the most important criteria for determining whether or not a patient is a viable candidate for dental implants. I personally have treated patients as old as 94 years of age and had tremendous success with them.

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  • INFUSE® Bone Graft For Dental Implants
    FDA Approves INFUSE® Bone Graft for Use in Dentistry -

    “FDA approval of INFUSE marks a major step forward in the future of implant dentistry” comments Dr. Andrei Mark of Central Park Oral Surgery in New York City. Dr. Mark, who was one of the first dentists locally to incorporate off-label use of INFUSE in implant dentistry with remarkable results.

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