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Immediate Tooth Extraction

Immediate Extraction / Immediate Implant

Loose, chipped, or decayed teeth often prevent people from eating their favorite foods and remaining focused during work, actives, and social events. Despite the discomfort and distraction cavities inflict, many people delay scheduling dental visits. Waiting, however, can only worsen your tooth’s condition. Whether your tooth suffers from decay, chipping, or looseness, extraction may be the best course of dental treatment. Dr. Andrei Mark of Central Park Oral Surgery offers the most advanced restorative options following tooth extraction, including immediate extraction & immediate implant in New York.

What is immediate extraction & immediate implant?

Immediate extraction & immediate implant is a revolutionary restorative procedure which fits patients with a dental implant directly following tooth extraction within the same appointment. Traditionally, patients waited a minimum of six weeks for the extraction site to heal before receiving a dental implant. At Central Park Oral Surgery, however, qualified patients can enjoy a complete, load-bearing implant the same day as extraction with Dr. Andrei Mark’s visionary technique. Patients who receive immediate extraction & immediate implant in NY will enjoy:

  •   Tooth extraction and dental implant in one procedure
  •   An immediately functioning load-bearing implant
  •   Reduced recovery following surgery
  •   Less time in the dentist's chair

How does immediate extraction & immediate implant work?

Before the immediate extraction & immediate implant procedure was developed, patients needed the extraction socket to heal before an implant could be placed in the space provided. This healing process takes approximately ten to twelve weeks, but thanks to the constantly advancing field of restorative dentistry, waiting until the extraction site heals is no longer necessary in certain cases. Dental bone is naturally pre-programmed to fill an extraction socket, so by placing the dental implant immediately following extraction, the implant is simultaneously anchored with the bone and healed into the socket from this natural healing process.

Who are the best candidates for immediate extraction & immediate implant?

Ideal candidates for the immediately loaded approach to tooth extraction and dental implants are patients who need a tooth extracted, but the surrounding bone is not overly compromised by infection or by severe bone loss. A single tooth or multiple teeth in need of extraction can qualify. Patients often come into an appointment with loose teeth and walk out with a fixed, beautiful smile without wearing dentures. During your dental visit, speak to Dr. Mark about the immediate extraction & immediate implant procedure to see if your tooth’s condition qualifies as a candidate for this convenient, less invasive, and time efficient treatment.


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